S.C. STIBINA S.R.L. has as main goal the satisfaction of our clients through high quality products. Our products answer to the demands of our clients, with respect to the Romanian norms and standards.

The integrated management system quality/ environmental/ OHSAS that we implemented is in accordance with our company policy and is according to the SR EN ISO 9001:2008, SR EN ISO 14001:2005 and SR OHSAS 18001:2008 standards.

The never stopping improvement of our integrated management system has as mail goal the increase of customer satisfaction and retention, the infliction of the norms and legislation regarding the construction industry, create a more efficient and effective operation system, improve environmental performance, reduce the risk of accidents and professional illness.


  • running in accordance to the Romanian lows and regulations regarding the environment and working safety and security
  • improve employee motivation and awareness in active participation in the process in order to increase the quality of products/ services, reduce the impact on the environment and the risk of working accidents
  • growing of competitiveness through:
    • introduction of modern technologies
    • raising of personnel professional qualification
    • works quality
    • respecting the contracted terms

Personnel :

  • Administrator: Civil, industrial and zootechnical engineer with over 32 years of experience (16 years in execution, 4 years as technical manager and over 12 years as administrator)
  • Technical personnel: 3 engineers, 1 expert in economics, law and human resources, 2 foremen
  • Qualified workers: 26
  • Unqualified workers: 5