Some of the representative works:

  1. Restoration and modernization works at Dumbrava Hotel, Bacau, in 2004, 2007 and another contract in 2010 :

    • 2004 – recompartment and modernization of 3 floors, replacement of all utilities (electrical, sanitary, heating and air conditioning) and finishings (including special finishings).
    • 2007 – recompartment and modernization of reception-desk and restaurant
    • 2010 – building of another level on top of the old building (light metallic structure), fire protection, setting of the fire alarm system, redesigning the restaurant, improvement of the interior flow of personal, building of other access stairways and elevators, building of underground water tank, and other annex buildings.
  2. Restoration and modernization works at Bohemia Hotel, Bacau (now in progress):
    • Transforming of a hostel into a modern hotel, construction of annex buildings for reception, restaurant and water tank.
    • Recompartment, replacement of all utilities and finishings.
  3. Rebranding of CEC Bank: Bacau-Zimbru center, Dofteana, Livezi and Comanesti center.
    • Finisaje, modernizare si recompartimentari, placari Alucobond, utilitati
  4. Construction works at the I.M.G.B. Industrial Center:
    • Replacement of a metallic roof of an industrial hall
    • Different steel structures (skylights, smoke evacuation system etc)
    • Rehabilitation of a refractory brick tunnel.
  5. Restoring and modernization works at G. Bacovia University, Bacau:
    • Study halls, work residence dwellings
  6. Restoring and modernization works of industrial halls at OMP srl., Bacau
    • Conversion of industrial halls in storehouses and office buildings, there were necessary reinforced concrete floors, plaster works, hydro and thermo insulation for roofs, replacement and removal of skylight and finishings
  7. Demolishment of reinforced concrete and brick industrial chimney with 25 m height
  8. Convert an industrial hall to fit a service auto for Massoaro Transs srl., Bacau:
    • Remaking of reinforced concrete and mosaic floors, walls made of sandwich panels, roofs and mounting of retracting doors
  9. The constriction of the foundation for a mobile phone antenna for Cosmote (mobile phone company):
    • Massive foundation in a area without utilities
  10. Essential repair works and modernization of a school in Orbeni:
    • Replacement of cover and roofing system, finishings, exterior works, renewing of the electrical system, recompartment and replacement of the carpentry
  11. Repair works for deposits and industrial halls for Sc. Almera International srl., Galati
    • Different finishings and restorations
  12. More multi story houses (foundation, resistance structure, roofs, utility works, exterior and interior finishing, landscaping), made of concrete or wood, ready to use, for different owners.